Étude d’avocats

is at your disposal to analyse your situation and defend your interests.

Since 1987, BOURG 8 Etude d'avocats has offered individuals, companies, public authorities and associations:

  • A wide range of services offered by lawyers with complementary skills
  • an execution of the mandate by the lawyer chosen or recommended according to his or her specialization
  • total independence and absolute respect for professional secrecy

Who are we ?

Experienced in legal disputes and negotiation, we act with competence.
and in the best interests of our clients.
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Practice areas

BOURG 8 Étude d’avocats is able to advise and assist its clients in most areas of law. The areas of expertise are, in particular:

Legal proceedings of all types

LP and procedure

Financial intermediaries and AMLA

Real estate

Criminal Law

Real estate law

Rural land law

Tax and contribution law

Labor and social insurance law

Labor and civil service law

Labor law

Sports law


Tenancy law

Inheritance law

Company and business law

Debt collection and bankruptcy

Public procurement law

Contract law

Liability law

Family law

Construction and real estate law

Construction and land use planning law

Construction law

Road traffic law

Art law

Civil law

Banking law

Administrative law


Members of the Swiss Bar Association (FSA) and the Vaud Bar Association (OAV), the firm's partners respect the ethical rules contained in the Swiss Code of Ethics and the Usages of the Vaud Bar and are particularly attached to the principles of independence and professional secrecy.


All registered in the cantonal register of lawyers, the partners of BOURG 8 Etude d'avocats are subject to the federal law on the free movement of lawyers (LLCA) and the cantonal law on the profession of lawyer (LPAv).

According to the law, the lawyer's fees are set taking into account the time devoted to the execution of the mandate, the difficulties and the deadlines for carrying it out, the importance of the interests in question, the result obtained and the lawyer's experience.

Throughout the mandate, BOURG 8 Etude d'avocats will provide you with regular and transparent information on the evolution of fees.

We are at your disposal to analyze your situation and defend your interests

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